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    Harrell “Gene” Walters, Director of Solid Waste, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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    246 Landfill Rd. St. Pauls, NC 28384

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    P.O. Box 366 Landfill Rd. St. Pauls, NC 28384
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    Unless prior arrangements have been made with the County Solid Waste Director for periodic billing, all haulers must pay applicable disposal fees at the time the solid waste is delivered. Interest in the amount of one and one half percent (1 ½%) per month will be added to unpaid balances. Additional credit will be withheld on delinquent accounts as directed by the Board of Commissioners. Fees equivalent to all expenses, including bank charges, but not less than .00 will be charged for each returned check.

    There will be no fee charged for acceptable recyclable materials that have been properly separated from the municipal solid waste stream by category. The Director or his designee shall determine the acceptability of recyclable materials.

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  • General Information:

    No Hazardous Materials or liquid accepted.

    All vehicles shall observe the posted speed limit of 10 m.p.h. and all other directional signs.

    Children under the age of twelve (12) will not be allowed outside vehicles at the landfill.

    Everyone that exits a vehicle on the landfill will have a safety vest on as well as a hard hat. If you do not have one, the scale attendant at the entrance has them available for use.

    No scavenging, salvaging or loitering is allowed.



    Persons delivering waste shall upon request define the full nature, content and source of all materials delivered. Mixed loads will be directed to the appropriate disposal area.

    Persons disposing of unacceptable materials may be required to remove such material at the discretion of the Director.

    All vehicles and containers used for the collection of solid waste or refuse collection shall be leak proof and covered with a canvas or other durable material to assure that there is no spillage of waste. If spillage should occur, the material shall be picked up immediately by the driver of the vehicle from which it spilled and returned to the vehicle or container and the area properly cleaned. Vehicles and containers in which refuse or solid waste is hauled shall be cleaned to prevent odor or other nuisance condition.

    All vehicles which are not self-unloading shall arrive at the County Waste Facilities no later than one-half (1/2) hour before the close of the normal operating day. Vehicles which are not self-unloading will be subject to control by the County Solid Waste Director so as to minimize vehicle congestion and provide easy access to the fill site for self-unloading vehicles.

    All vehicles, both private and commercial, used for the transportation of solid waste or other items to be disposed of at County Solid Waste facilities shall be covered or loads secured by some effective means to prevent the spillage or loss of waste while being transported. “Effective means” shall mean durable, heavy plastic or canvas tied down or secured to cover the entire load, front to rear and side to side. Loads consisting of building rubbish, limbs, or bulky items shall be secured with rope or tie downs to assure spillage does not occur.

    No vehicle shall be allowed to deposit waste at the County Solid Waste Facilities unless the waste is enclosed in the vehicle or secured by methods stated in this section. The County Solid Waste Director or his representative shall determine the adequacy of the covering and his decision shall be final.

    It shall be the responsibility of the driver of the vehicle to make arrangements with the County Solid Waste Director concerning delivery of items requiring special handling or immediate covering.

  • Licensed Haulers:

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    Private solid waste haulers or collectors transporting solid waste or recyclables to designated County Solid Waste Facilities must be approved and licensed by the County Solid Waste Director as provided by this Ordinance.

    Each vehicle transporting solid waste or recyclables shall display a use license issued by the County Solid Waste Director.

    No licensed solid waste collector shall transport solid waste or recyclables in a conveyance that has not been approved by the County Solid Waste Director.

    The County Solid Waste Director may issue a license only upon the finding that the applicant’s methods are in compliance with the requirement of this Ordinance and that the applicant will perform solid waste and recycling collections in an efficient and sanitary manner.

    A licensed hauler shall submit a quarterly report to the County Solid Waste Director containing the following information:

    1. A listing of customers served including names and addresses;
    2. Description of the collection route and area served;
    3. A list of all collection equipment;
    4.  Any other information requested by the County Solid Waste Director as may be pertinent to solid waste and recycling collections.

    Licenses shall be valid for a period of one year from the date issued.

    Licenses shall not be assignable to another party.

    Licensed haulers are required to deliver solid waste collected in Robeson County to designated Solid Waste Facilities for disposal.


     Application Process:

     Application for license to engage in the business of solid waste collection shall be submitted to the Solid Waste Facility on forms provided by the County Solid Waste Director.  The application shall contain the following information:

    1.  Name and address of the applicant and whether a sole proprietorship, corporation, or partnership, with a disclosure of the ownership interests,
    2.  A list of the equipment possessed, available, or to be obtained by the applicant, including motor vehicle license tag numbers;
    3.  The number of employees the applicant expects to use in the business;
    4. Experience of the applicant in solid waste collection;
    5.  Balance sheet or equivalent financial statement as of the close of the applicant’s last business tear, showing the net worth of the business, or independent auditor’s certification of solvency;
    6. Planned routes and the areas of the County the applicant expects to serve;
    7. Schedule of fees the applicant expects to charge;
    8. Evidence of liability insurance coverage. 
  • Banned Items

    Click this link to see a list of banned items.

  • Municipal Solid Waste Landfill

    MSW Landfill

  • Construction and Demolition Landfill

     C D Landfill

  • Land Clearing and Inert Debris Landfill

     LCIC Landfill

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