Collection Sites

truckRobeson County Solid Waste has established and maintain 20 full-service collection sites which are staffed, secure and professionally operated. The collection sites are available to Robeson County citizens only, businesses and commercial operations are to use the landfill for waste disposal.


  • Hours of Operation:

    Collection Site Hours of Operation
    Hours of Operation:
    Collection Site Hours of Operation
    Monday through Friday 8:00-6:00pm
    Saturday 8:00-4:30
    Sunday CLOSED
    Any change in schedule will be noted on the home page under announcements.



  • Acceptable Products:

    Not all sites offer the same services. Please refer to the brochure (here for English, here for Spanish) for the services offered at each site.

    Household Waste: each collection site is equipped with a compactor that accepts household waste.

    Plastic Pesticide Containers: Cleaned according to the USAg standards, no lids or booklets attached, nothing over 55 gallons, monitors must inspect every container (for more information click here).

    Plastics: At this time we accept plastics with the 1 or 2 on the container, normally on the bottom in a triangle, #1 bottles, #2 milk jugs and detergent (for more information click here).

    Aluminum: Currently the only site that accepts aluminum is the Sanchez site (for more information click here).

    Anti-Freeze: Accepted at all the collection sites, please ensure the correct liquid is the correct container.

    Tires: No more than 4 tires per customer per week, no tractor or trailer tires (for more information click here).

    Electronics: Computers, TVs, Electronics, Radios, Microwaves, Refrigerators and Freezers (no food), Air conditioners, Televisions and stereos with wooden casing must be placed in the bulky items container.

    Metal: No paint cans, glass, wood or plastic, no round cylinders such as propane or helium (place in bulky items container) (for more information click here).

    Oil Filters: must be drained before being placed in the container.

    Food/Beverage Cartons/Cardboard/Paper: Boxes must be flattened, no Styrofoam or plastic (for more information click here).

    Cooking Grease: No longer accepted due to no vendor in the area.

    Swap Shop: Clothing on racks, no furniture.

    Paint Cans: Sites will accept completely dry paint cans.

    Pesticide Recycling Bin 500

  • Unacceptable Items:

    The Collection sites are not able to take the following items:
    Yard debris such as leafs and limbs
    Truck and tractor tires
    Construction and Demolition Waste
    Burn Barrel
    LCID, land clearing inert debris, stumps and trees
    Hazardous Waste
    Unknown products
    Poison, Herbicides or Pesticides

  • Contact Information:

    In the event of an emergency please call 910-374-8662 or 1-800-682-2014

    For questions or comments or to report illegal dumping use the form below:


    Illegal Dumping Contact Form
    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions
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  • Site information:

    Waste left outside the gates of the collection site during non-operating hours will be considered as litter and violators are subject to fines.

    Scavenging is not permissible per County Ordinance.

    Once an item is brought through the gate and placed in a container, it become property of Robeson County for proper disposal and recycling.

    Not all sites offer the same services, please reference the collection grid in the brochure.

    Collection site monitors are at the site to assist the customer as needed and to direct customers to the appropriate container to ensure proper disposal.

    All private and commercial vehicles and containers used for the collection of solid waste or refuse collection shall be leak proof and covered with a canvas or other durable material to assure that there is no spillage of waste. If spillage should occur, the material shall be picked up immediately by the driver of the vehicle from which it spilled and returned to the vehicle or container and the area properly cleaned. Vehicles and containers in which refuse or solid waste is hauled shall be cleaned to prevent odor or other nuisance condition.

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